Net immigration in UK stays the same

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The latest immigration figures in the UK show that the net immigration number has not changed in December 2013. It has remained at 212 000 people for the last year. The figures were published by the National statistical agency on the same day when the European elections were held – 22 May 2014.

Therefore many people suppose that those figures gave at least a small boost to the far-right anti-immigration party UKIP. The net immigration number is derived by subtracting the people who exit the country from those, who enter it. Immigrants are defined by the United Nations as people who enter a foreign country with the intent of staying in it for at least a year.

In the year to December 2013, 526,000 people arrived in the UK as migrants and 314,000 people left the UK to live elsewhere. The new figure shows that there is an increasing number of people that come to the UK from the EU. 201, 000 European citizens came to the UK in 2013, up 43,000 on the figure for the year to September 2013.

At the same time, there is a drop in the number of people arriving from outside EU with 11 000 and there is a drop in the number of people leaving the UK in 7000. The new statistics show that it will be very hard for the UK Prime Minister David Cameron to fulfil its promise to cut the net immigration to tens of thousands of people at the end of his term in 2015.

The reason for this is that the UK is a member of the European Union and by law, it cannot restrict EU citizens from coming to live and work in the country. Mr Cameron will draw some comfort from the fact that the figure has not risen, as many analysts were predicting.

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