Most of the new immigrants in Australia are happy with their life

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Most of the time newly arrived immigrants in Australia are happy with their new life, but from time to time there are occasional racism and discrimination. The latest Mapping Social Cohesion Research report, which is Australia’s largest study of attitudes to immigration and cultural diversity focuses on skilled and highly educated immigrants who arrived between 1990 and 2010.

The report was written by the Monash University Professor Andrew Markus and is the most detailed study of the social cohesion in communities outside Sydney and Melbourne. The report that specifically looks and the level of integration of immigrants in their new communities has shown that more than 80 per cent of the newcomers are happy with their life in Australia.

At the same time, however, four out of ten immigrants that do not come from English-speaking countries, have reported that they have been victims of some form of racism, based on their skin colour, ethnic origin or religion’. This number represents double the national average. Professor Markus said the immigrant experience had been transformed by the communication revolution brought about by low-cost mobile phones and the internet.

The new technologies allow immigrants to communicate regularly with their relatives so that they do not feel isolated and unhappy. Similarly to many Australians, immigrants embrace multiple cultural identities. Most of them identify themselves with both – Australia and their country of birth. At the same time, they consider themselves citizens of the world.

People living in Atherton Tablelands in Queensland were most positive about life in their neighbourhood, with 75% agreeing multiculturalism had been good for Australia. However, 59% said the current immigration intake was too high.

The conclusion of the survey is that in general Australia remains a nation that is socially cohesive and the government prioritizes immigrants with skills and professional experience currently in demand by the economy.

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