New law could create second class Canadian citizenship

Canadian flag

The Canadian opposition has complained that if the new citizenship passes through the parliament and becomes a law, new Canadian citizenships might have lesser rights than those that are born Canadians.

One of the changes would allow the Canadian government to revoke the passport of the new Canadian citizens under certain circumstances. This could happen if they have dual citizenship and are convicted of a serious offence (such as terrorism) either in Canada or abroad.

As this cannot happen to those who are born Canadians, some lawyers have labelled it as a discriminatory rule. In addition, this revocation of citizenship could be carried out by civil servants without a hearing before a judge. A hearing would only be held in exceptional circumstances.

There would be no appeal process against the decision to revoke citizenship. Canadian Constitutional lawyers have already warned that the new changes are contrary to the supreme law of the country and can be revoked in the constitutional court.

Canadian opposition said that the new law will establish double standards because, new citizens and people, who are born Canadian will be punished in different ways for the same offence.

The immigration minister Chris Alexander, however, complained that by opposing the bill, the opposition is supporting the rights of criminals and terrorists over the safety of all Canadian citizens.

The Canadian opposition said it would vote against the bill because the government allowed only two hours debating such an important piece of legislation and also because they do not agree with the bill.

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