New poll concludes that most UK citizens support economic-based model of immigration


A new poll that was conducted by the UK non-governmental organization YouGov shows that the population of Great Britain have complex views on immigration. Most of the people actually approve of the economics-based model of immigration but disapprove of family immigration. In addition to that many people are in favour of providing opportunities for wealthy foreign investors to come to the UK.

Peter Kellner, a co-founder of YouGov, wrote an article for UK newspaper The Guardian on 25th November 2013 in which he set out the figures gathered from two recent YouGov polls. The survey shows that 71% of the population thinks that the government should try to attract wealthy foreign investors to the country. In addition to that 68% of the surveyed people approve of foreign students who come to the country.

Around 63% of the people think that it will be advantageous if the number of skilled workers that are given visas is increased. Around one half of the population thinks that more people, who come to the UK should be allowed to use the National Health Service. Only 33% of those surveyed thought that the number of people coming to the UK to join relatives already here should be maintained or raised 57% though that the number should be cut.

Another interesting fact that came out of the survey is that the UK population distrusts the government on the issue of immigration as on any other major issue. Only 7% believe that the net number of people who come to the country has decreased despite the fact that official government statistics show that this is the case.

A majority of the people also said that they are in favour of limiting EU immigration. They think that David Cameron should impose such rules that the number of EU citizens that come to the UK is decreased.

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