New relocation guide for prospective immgrants to Australia is published

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A new immigration guide released by the actuarial recruitment consultancy, GAAPS Actuarial suggests that it is very important that all prospective immigrants arrange all of the aspects of their moving to Australia. This includes different taxes, pension schemes, visa classifications and lifestyle implications. In addition to that, they should be familiar with the local education system, healthcare and driving rules.

In addition to that, the cost of living, the typical working hours and the cost of accommodation should be taken into account as well. The new guide released by GAAPS is described as practical and simple and targets mainly actuarial professionals from abroad who want to come to the country. Nevertheless, the information can be very useful for other people as well.

The guide lists 15 specific points that people should consider before applying for an Australian visa. It presents a brief overview of things that are considered valuable for all potential immigrants and offers links for further information. It points out that there are certain procedures that you need to follow in order to obtain an Australian visa.

‘It makes sense to obtain expert advice from the outset including finding out which visa is most suitable, what it enables you to do when you arrive in Australia and how long it entitles you to stay,’ says the guide.

Furthermore, the guide recommends talking to a tax advisor before coming to Australia. ‘When planning a move make sure you establish your tax residency status correctly so that you do not pay more tax than you should. You should also consider the impact on the current tax status of your move to Australia,’ it explains.

Last but not least the guide mentions driving which is an issue that is often overlooked by prospective immigrants. If you are short-term visitor or tourist you can drive with your current license, but if you become permanent resident you can use your current license for a maximum of three months after which you must apply for an Australian driving license. This includes passing a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test.

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