New selection criteria will be introduced for the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program.

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The Canadian Immigration Authorities have announced that there will be new changes in the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Those changes will help Canada to better select foreign workers so that they have a chance to hit the ground running when they arrive in Canada.

The new changes are made according to data and evidence which the Immigration Authorities have collected over many years.

It shows which are the skills and qualifications which will most likely bring success to foreign workers coming in Canada.

The Canadian Government Agency Citizenship and Immigration Canada are proposing the following changes in the selection criteria:

  1. Language skills should be the most important factor in selection. Minimum language requirements should be established as a part of the selection process.
  1. Emphasis should be placed on younger applicants who are more likely to gain valuable Canadian working experience and remain in the workforce for a longer time than older ones.
  1. More points should be awarded for spousal Canadian experience and language skills.
  1. The skills and the educational qualifications of the prospective immigrants should be assessed against the Canadian standards in order to ensure that the immigrants have the necessary educational and professional background required by the Canadian labour market.

According to the Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney, the new changes will be very beneficial for all potential newcomers, because they will help them to make more informed decisions about their immigration in Canada.

The new changes will come into effect after 1 January 2013. Currently, the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program does not accept any applications. It is expected that it will start again at the beginning of the next year.

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