New South Wales expands its state sponsored visa program

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New South Wales will increase the number of occupations that are available for the state-sponsored visa.

Furthermore, the program will be expanded to include more business immigrants. Previously there were only several professions that were eligible for the program most of them were highly skilled occupations such as medicine, accountancy, engineering and architecture.

The new visa will include a much larger variety of professions such as a large number of medical and health care jobs including an optometrist, osteopath, dentist, podiatrist, cardiologist, paediatrician, surgeon, urologist, pathologist, radiologist, nurse practitioners, intensive care specialist and audiologist.

There is also an increased number of trades including in the new list such as electrician, mechanic, carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer, plumber, sheet metal workers, metal machinist, pressure welder, metal fabricator, fitter and car electrician.

The government of New South Wales is ready to accept all highly skilled people to live and work in Sydney or the region.

According to a spokesman in the last 12 months, the state has sponsored 300 business migrants to Sydney and New South Wales and 1,200 skilled migrants to the region and 120 skilled migrants to settle in Sydney.

Furthermore, New South Wales wants to increase the number of business migrants as well.

Such people are important for the state since they bring entrepreneur experience, international connections and monetary capital, which allow them to establish new businesses and to help boost the economic activity in the state.

The intake of business migrants happens under the Business Skills Migration program which grants successful entrepreneurs the right to enter Australia.

Most of these migrants enter initially on a provisional visa for four years and are able to apply for permanent residence after showing evidence of their business and/or investment activity.

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