New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomber supports liberalisation of US immigration policies

statue of liberty, New York, USA

The current Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has expressed the opinion that the US should relax its visa requirements for foreign citizens. According to Bloomberg, more highly skilled foreign immigrants should be allowed to settle in the US. Bloomberg also suggested that the US should introduce a guest workers program in order to attract low-skilled workers in areas where seasonal labour shortages exist.

Finally, Bloomberg has emphasized that steps should be taken towards granting citizenship to the 11 million illegal immigrants, who are residing in the US at the moment. Bloomberg is afraid that the United States is falling behind other countries, due to the fact that it has too restrictive immigration policies.

Recent reports released by the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City show that immigrants are two times more likely to engage in entrepreneurship activity than United States citizens.

Furthermore, a study by the American Enterprise Institute found that each foreign skilled immigrant in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), who holds an advanced educational degree from an American educational institution is creating on average, 2.62 jobs.

Therefore it has been argued the stricter immigration rules introduced by the US immigration authorities are holding the US industry back. In comparison with countries such as Australia, Spain, South Korea and Canada, the United States grants a much lower number of employment visas to foreigners.

Bloomberg is well-known in the US for his positive attitude towards immigration and has regularly emphasized that the United States was built largely by immigrants. “The US became great as a nation of immigrants,” he wrote. “To remain great, we must remain a nation of immigrants. To do otherwise would betray not only our heritage but our future”.

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