New Zealand foreign student will benefit from liberalized student visa regime

New Zealand flag

In order to make New Zealand more attractive for foreign students, the education minister Steven Joyce and immigration minister Michael Woodhouse have announced new reform in the country’s student visa program. The new rules will give foreigners extended the right to work in the country while studying.

In addition to that, there will streamline the visa application process which will make the application faster and easier. According to Mr Joyce international education is a very important component of the New Zealand economy because it creates more than 28 000 jobs.

Due to the increasing competition for international students, it is necessary that New Zealand takes some measures in order to ensure that it remains attractive for bright young people from around the world. Some critics, however, fear the fact that student might take some jobs from local citizens.

Joyce, however, claims that this will be far offset by the number of working places that are created due to jobs that are created by the growing education industry. Mr Woodhouse announced that the lowest category of education college –Category 4 colleges, would no longer be allowed to teach overseas students.

He said ‘while we want more students to come to our shores to study, our focus has to be on providing them with the highest quality education New Zealand has to offer’. Last but not least the minister will introduce new regulations that will ensure that international students are not ripped off by unscrupulous education and visa agents

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