New Zealand immigration hits all time highs

New Zealand flag

Up until March 2014, the New Zealand immigration has 31 900 people per year. This is the highest level in the last decade and the second-highest ever. Most of the New Zealand immigrants come from China which is followed by India and the UK. Many of the Chinese immigrants are wealthy businessmen, who become permanent residents with an investor type visas.

Around 3,000 Chinese applicants were issued with one of New Zealand’s investor visas, the Investor Visa and the Investor Visa Plus during the year in question.  New Zealand is purposefully searching or new immigrants during the last ten years because the government is concerned that the low birth rates and the high immigration among native New Zealanders will translate into lower economic growth and labour market shortages.

In the past, the largest part of the new immigrants have come from the United Kingdom, but in the recent years, there is an increase of people which arrive from various Asian countries such as China, Thailand and the Philippines. It is clear from the latest figures that China’s economic success has meant that many Chinese citizens are wealthy enough to qualify for investor visas.

New Zealand has two main types of investor visa. The standard one requires an investment of 1,5 Million NZD within a period of 4 years. All applicants for this type of visa must speak good English. The second one is called an investor visa plus and requires an investment of NZ 10 Million. It does not have any language requirements, but applicants must not have any criminal records and must be in good health.

Previously, Canada was a popular destination of choice for Chinese citizens but, with the closure of Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program, many are looking for alternatives.

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