New Zealand will take measures against exploitation of immigrants

New Zealand flag

The number one priority for New Zealand when it comes to Immigration is to attract as much as possible new immigrants, permanent residents and students to live in the country and thus to boost the local economy. In order to ensure this, it is, however, necessary that all of the newcomers are treated properly and that they have the same rights and obligations like all of the local citizens.

That is why the newly appointed immigration minister of the country Michael Woodhouse says that it is of foremost importance for him that new rules are implemented that will combat the exploitation of foreign workers. According to him the new rules that were implemented in June which encourage all foreign people, who were abused by their employers to fill complaints are very helpful. In addition to that he pointed out that New Zealand has published new guides for foreigners who came to work in the construction industry, which contain a wealth of information and tips and similar guides are being produced for other industries that rely heavily on migrant labour.

‘We want migrant workers to get the best possible experience while they are working here so they can encourage others to follow suit and savour life in New Zealand. There is little doubt that in order to achieve the government’s Business Growth Agenda we will need workers from overseas to fill gaps in our labour market,’ the minister explained.

The minister also pointed out that jobs for New Zealanders will always come first in the debate about the appropriate level of immigration. He said the government policy will never prevent any company to grow by hiring foreign workers but will encourage investing in New Zealanders first and then looking for a people aborad.

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