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Panoramic View from Victoria Tower on Houses of Parliament and London Skyline at Night London, UK

Before planning a trip abroad, you must always do your homework. From checking visa requirements to flights and booking accommodation, it important to have, everything planned ahead of time. If you search the web, you will get all information about your travel in detail.

I first visited London in 2008, with a lot of planning and homework. While doing my online investigation, I came across a few websites that help every traveller coming to the capital. These websites will make your travel smooth and successful. On these sites, you will find details about visa, flights, accommodation, sightseeing, and food in London. Here is a detailed list, where you can investigate online:

Visa Enquiry

The first step for any holiday is to get your visa. If you are travelling to London, then make sure you contact the UK embassy or consulate in your country for a visa. If you want to visit London on a holiday, or just want to visit a friend, you must apply as a general visitor. To visit a member of your family, you can apply visa as a family visitor. For further details about how and where you can apply for a visa, please visit VisaFirst website.

Flight Information

No matter where you travel, it is always important to find an online source to book cheap flight tickets. is one such destination, where you can easily book your flight tickets to reach London’s major international airports – Heathrow, City, Gatwick, and Stansted. On this site, you will get cheap deals and offers to book a flight of your choice. Make your bookings in advance and avail special discounts offered here.

Airport Transfer

Transportation in London is quite easy and comfortable for travellers. I prefer tubes, as they are the most convenient means to travel within the city. For getting around in London from the airports, you can take buses, taxis, local trains, DLR, tubes, or even car rentals. If you visit, you will get detailed information about transportation in London.

London Accommodation

When I visit London, I usually book my accommodation through, a great online destination for central London hotels. I found this site online way back in 2008. Here you will get a lot of hotel options, suiting every taste and budget. Best of all, most hotels are located in the main city centre. You will even find a great collection of hotels near London airports, all within your prescribed budget. The site has a secure booking process, ensuring you face no hassle while online booking.

Things to Do in London

Sightseeing in London

London is visited by hordes of tourists annually. When you plan to travel within the city, do not miss its historic attractions, royal parks, ceremonies, activities, and art galleries. You will find a number of free attractions and sightseeing opportunities in London, making your holiday pleasurable. If you wish to save more money on your sightseeing, then visit The London Pass. On this site, you will get the Travelcard option, which will save your time and money at top attractions. More than 60 popular attractions and sights in London are covered in this Travelcard, helping you avoid travel stress in the capital.

London Nightlife

London Town is surely my choice to find the best bars, clubs, and restaurants in the city. On this website, you get to see the vibrant nightlife scene, where you can party all night long. From hidden bars and restaurants to some comedy, cabaret, and burlesque, there is a lot of information for first-time visitors. For an intimate experience, head to DJ bars and famous nightclubs on the street. With some of the great listings of London pubs available here, you are sure to hang out if you want to party from dusk until dawn.

I love London and frequently visit the city, searching for some great opportunity to live life. The historic attractions and great theatre shows attract me on my visits. If are planning a holiday in the city, then take help from these sites, where you will get all information about your travel.

Author’s Bio: Jackson, a travel blog writer, is a frequent visitor to London and its attractions. He has taken some time out of his busy schedule to list down a few websites, offering great information to travellers.


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