Overseas Migration will Continue to Increase Until 2016


The Immigration Department in Australia expects that the overseas migration will reach about 250,000 by the end of September and will continue to increase by 2016.

This forecast takes into account the number of visa grants as well as data from official sources about the Australian and World economic growth. It also counts the immigration policies announced recently.

So, here are some figures: the estimated number of student visas will reach 120,000; 44,000 sponsorship visas will be issued to temporary workers; 65,000 visas to working holidaymakers, 48,000 people will get tourist visas and 7,5000 other temporary visas.

It is expected that 40,000 skilled workers will be approved, 35,000 family visas, 14,500 humanitarian visas and 5,000 other permanent visas will also be granted.

Let’s summarize what it is all about: more and more overseas students will be granted visas for Australia. This is a result of the department efforts to introduce post-study work arrangements. Thus the overseas students graduating in the country have the chance to remain longer if they are eligible for a Temporary Graduate visa upon completion of their study.

Working Holidaymaker arrivals will keep on fairly steady by 2018. Visitor, skilled and family visas are also expected to remain unchanged, so no dramatic changes are expected here.

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