Pilot Program for Spouses to get a Canadian Open Work Permit More Quickly

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The Canadian government started a new one-year program yesterday to allow spouses of inland applicants waiting for permanent residency to get an open work permit more quickly.

A spokesman of Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister advised: “As we promised, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is launching a pilot program that will allow spouses being sponsored under the Inland Spousal Sponsorship program to receive their work permits much sooner while we process their applications”.

Canadian open work permit allows you work in Canada for a specific period until your permanent residency application is being finalized. It also allows you to achieve health coverage while waiting on the residency.

This program comes as a result of a recent report that thousands of families are living in a great stress, without the opportunity of a legal work and with no health insurance, while waiting their sponsorship applications been processed.

If you have already submitted your application upwards of 18 months, you can now get your open work permit in a few weeks. If you lodge your application for the first time now, your application is expected to be processed in four months

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