Planning the Ideal Barcelona Honeymoon

Located on the northeastern coast of Spain, Barcelona is the largest city in Catalonia and, with a population of nearly two million, the second-largest city in Spain.

Barcelona’s mix of fine restaurants, beautiful scenery, shops, museums and markets makes this an ideal spot for any young couple’s honeymoon.

Creating your dream wedding might have drained your resources, but it doesn’t have to cost you every penny left in your bank account to plan an unforgettable Barcelona honeymoon.

This is because many of the city’s most breathtaking museums, sights and attractions are actually quite reasonably priced, and in several cases, absolutely free.

The Best Time to Travel

Pinpointing the best time to visit Barcelona is tricky. August is traditionally a busy tourist season throughout Spain, meaning the city will be flooded with sightseers and fellow honeymooners.

On top of this, many of Barcelona’s resort and restaurant owners leave the city for a holiday during this month, which greatly limits your options.

January and February are the off-season but don’t be surprised by the amount of time you spend indoors escaping frequent rain showers.

If you’re able to, plan your honeymoon in Barcelona for April, June or late September to early November.

The weather is beautiful, and you won’t struggle in claustrophobic restaurants and crowded museums.

Getting To and Around Barcelona

It’s a pricey option, but if you have a few weeks and several thousand dollars to spare, consider travelling to Barcelona and several other cities situated on the Mediterranean — including Cannes, Rhodes and Alexandria, Egypt — on a cruise ship. Otherwise, your best option is to fly directly to Barcelona or Madrid.

Flights into Barcelona are cheaper but few and far between, so don’t be surprised when you’re forced to travel to the city from Madrid.

Walking is the best and most cost-effective way to experience Barcelona.

Otherwise, the city’s clean and well-planned bus and metro system will allow you to jump between museums and restaurants more quickly than attempting to catch a taxi or rent a car.

Must-See Romantic Destinations

Barcelona is filled with unforgettable sites and quiet, out-of-the-way places to share a romantic moment. Here are a few of the best places to steal a kiss and snap a memorable photo with your new spouse:

  • Parc Guell – Designed by famed Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi, the Parc Guell is a massive oasis amid the cosmopolitan glamour of Barcelona. The sheer scope of the park might seem overwhelming at first, but any apprehensions will quickly melt away as you stroll hand in hand and explore the many terraces, mosaics and wildlife, including an impressive collection of parrots.
  • Plaza de España – Originally built for the 1929 International Exhibition, the Plaza de España is located at the foothills of Montjuic and is one of the city’s largest squares. At first, this crowded juncture of thoroughfares might not seem like the most romantic spot in the city, so turn it into a memorable place by professing your undying love for your spouse in plain view of your fellow travellers.
  • The Magic Fountain of Montjuic – Within walking distance of the Plaza de España and the National Art Museum of Catalonia, you’ll find the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Unveiled during the 1929 International Exposition, the fountain was constructed in one year by over 3,000 workers. You can visit the beautiful fountain any time of the day, but to see what all the fuss is about, make your way to the site in the evening. Every half hour after 7 p.m. from May to September, the magic fountain is transformed into an amazing music and light show featuring a variety of classic songs and famous tunes from “The Godfather,” “Lord of the Rings” and “Gladiator.”

When it comes to lodging, there are a variety of inexpensive Barcelona hotels and massive, multimillion-dollar resorts.

Many of the smaller inns and hotels are family-run and have been for several decades.

To save the most money, consider travelling during the off-season and when in doubt, brush up on your Spanish or Catalan and call the hotel manager or owner directly.

About the Author: Barbara Martin is a guest blogger and frequent traveller to Barcelona and many other Mediterranean cities. Barbara recommends booking your stay in Barcelona on in advance for the best deals.

Image Source: Flickr’s Creative Commons


I'd love to go to Barcelona on my honeymoon. I've been there twice (for non-honeymoon reasons) and every time, it takes my breath away.

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