Planning Your Wedding In Melbourne

a bride on a beach in Melbourne

Melbourne is well known for its industrial design and blend of classic architecture with unique urban spaces. So what could be more perfect than utilizing this appeal for your big day? There is more to Melbourne that just the urban landscape – it has a history that you can feel around every corner and of course there is the fabulous harbour. What you can expect from a wedding in Melbourne is a day filled with romance, design and historical value.

The Venues

Weddings in Melbourne are as diverse as the city is, from industrial blank canvases to urban rooftops. Each will hold their own appeal to couples and as with every decision you will make when planning your big day, they really do need to be 100% a personal choice. To lend a helping hand, here are some of the most unusual venues Melbourne has to offer. Starting with The Substation.

The Substation is located to the west of the city. It is historically important and with its arched ceilings and huge windows, it is light, airy and stunningly beautiful. A blank canvas for any couple that loves historical architecture and old fashioned romance.

Next on the list of must-see venues in Melbourne is The Willows. The Willows is one of those venues where you can blend the city with the countryside – a perfect pairing. This beautiful venue is situated within the cities prestigious Boulevard and offers you a European flavour, whilst incorporating good, old fashioned, Australian hospitality. This is the perfect spot for lovers of chic, urban living and great design.

If you’re looking for a more classic and elegant venue for your wedding, then look no further than Rydges. Conveniently located close to the city, the stunning venue will not disappoint. Choose between celebrating in the elegant ‘Bell City Ballroom’ or if you’re after something a bit more relaxed, then go for the ‘outdoor wedding’ in the breathtaking resort-style gardens. Whatever you choose, you will be guaranteed a day/night you will never forget.

Bring the Urban Out

With a city wedding, your colour choices for your flowers, dresses and embellishments can be used to bring out the urban nature, which is an added bonus. To celebrate your Melbourne surroundings, why not look at incorporating it into your day in other ways, as well as through the venue. Start off with your colour palette and remember that we are not suggesting that you ignore the colours you love, but twist them to incorporate your surroundings.

There are some fabulous florists in Melbourne, who will handcraft your bouquets and buttonholes for the big day. It is the personal touch when picking a florist that will not only give you beautiful flowers but accentuate your venue. Katie Hill Flowers is just one of the many florists that will tailor your flowers to your colour scheme and also to your venue.

One of the interesting parts about city weddings is that cities are full of colour, from the red brickwork to the concrete jungles, there is inspiration everywhere for you to latch onto. Consider bringing out this variety in your clothing for the day. This could be by choosing a dress in a cream to match the buildings, or even choosing metallic bridesmaid dresses.

For a more adventurous way to use colour, you could choose to stand out from the background, in a traditional, classic white dress that showcases not only yourself but the urban, grey backdrop. There are many ways that you can play with colour when it comes to your wedding in Melbourne, from the blues of the harbour to the yellows of the summer sunshine. The most important thing to remember is to create your wedding your way.


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