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Toronto, Canada

Moving abroad is quite big of a change, there is no doubt about that. Especially for those people, who have never left their home country for more than a week in order to go on vacation.

So, life in a foreign land will most probably come as a shock to them. Certain things you did not pay that much attention back at home will surely have a big impact on you once the scenery changes.

And not to mention those aspects of life that didn’t even exist in your homeland. In a way, you are bound to experience a culture shock.

However, if your transition will be to Canada, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Canada is truly one of the most pleasant places you can move to and here is what you can expect once you settle there.

1.Nature and its importance

It is a universal Canadian belief, and a quite firmly held one, that nature is really important. And this is obvious from the countless people who enjoy themselves outdoors – hikers, joggers, photographers, artists, etc.

It is a reminder to all people that every now and then one has to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life and fully appreciate the world that surrounds us. And don’t worry about the snow, there is plenty to do during the cold months too.

In Canada, it is a natural custom to escape to a holiday home whenever is presented with such an opportunity. Canadians realize quite well that spending time in nature is a source of refreshment and inspiration and that is why they visit it so often.

2.Different perception of distance

To many newcomers, there is the strange and unfinished feel at the edge of the populated areas in Canada. In most countries, there is a distinct beginning and end and also each square kilometre is accounted for, even in wilder bits.

However, Canada’s enormous size (Canada is the second-largest country in the world, Russia being the first) forces you to acquire different perspectives of ‘far’ and ‘near’.

In Canada, a hundred kilometres is basically nothing.

Every weekend, people travel more than that simply to reach their holiday cottages, whereas the phrase ‘just up the road’ might mean ’50 kilometres down the road’.

Streets there are straight and long, Yonge Street being the world’s longest street at a 1,896.0 km length which runs all the way from Lake Ontario’s shores in Toronto, north to Lake Simcoe.

3. People mind their manners

Manners are still alive and well in Canada. People still seem to politely greet each other on the street as well as anywhere else they find themselves at relatively close proximity.

A simple “Hi, how are you?” works really well and seems to break the ice in all everyday situations, especially when you share the lift with a complete stranger.

And whenever you thank somebody, you receive a warm “A pleasure”. Even teenagers are respectful and polite, which can pleasantly surprise you.

4. The difference is not a big deal

In a sense, Canada is a nation, largely comprised of immigrants. So, the cultural background is fascinating and breathtaking.

When people meet of the first time, the conversation inevitably begins with a question about both folks are from.

That gives you a sense of belonging as nobody will make you feel like a stranger.

This is a big advantage as you will be made to feel like home. And most importantly – nobody judges you on grounds of religion and culture.

About the author:  Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has a great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. Heather writes about man and van services in Grasscroft.


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