Which professions will enjoy high demand in Australia during 2014?

map of Australia

According to recruiting agencies, the four most searched professions in Australia during 2014 will be Business analysts, IT project managers; life insurance claims assessors and sales representatives. The latest Hays Quarterly Hotspots list of skills in demand reveals that there are still pockets of skills shortages, most notably in accountancy, insurance, sales and IT.

Many job opportunities will be available for skilled and experienced professionals. The unemployment rate will remain relatively flat, with the possibility of a slight increase in the middle of the year.

After the mining boom has reached its peak, employment opportunities in several non-mining sectors are increasing, but the employers lack a steady supply of skilled workers. The report highlights that employers are increasingly looking for analysts with strong stakeholder engagement skills to drive process improvements and cost savings. They often want analysts with strong operational experience who can build relationships with non-finance staff.

Another sector where many job opportunities will be opened is the education sectors. It is expected that there will be opportunities for early childhood teachers and secondary teachers of math, science, English and design and technology. Design engineers who have good design engineers, with good business development skills are on the employers shortlists as well. Another field that traditionally experiences a lack of skilled labour is the health sector.

There is a significant shortage of qualified nurses and specialists in renal dialysis. Mental Health professionals and support facilitators and in-demand as well.  Vacancies are available on both a permanent and temporary basis.

Last but not least the report of Hays shows that there will be a lot of opportunities for project managers and business intelligence specialists who have skills, education and experience in the field of “big data”.

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