Public opinion in UK split on immigration

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A new survey shows that the public opinion in UK is split on immigration. It shows that young people and Londoners tend to think that immigration is mostly positive, while older people and those outside the capital se it as a negative phenomenom. The British Social Attitudes Survey takes place every year and is conducted on the behalf of the UK government. The survey includes a sample of British citizens who are asked about their attitude on various questions, including immigration. All in all the survey has found that the number of people which do not approve immigration is declining. More than thwo thirds of the people, who were surveyed say that they want to see immigration reduced down from the current levels. The survey’s director, Alison Park, said that there is an increasing divide between the educated London elite and the poorer people that live in the provinces. In London, 54% of people have a positive or very positive view of immigration and only 22% have a negative view. In the rest of the country, however, 51% have a negative view and only 28% are positive. Among people with university diploma – 60% have a positive view of immigration while at the same time people with only high school education mostly view it in the negative. The authors of the survey suggest that the negative attitudes on immigration might actually be caused by the fact that the country is experiencing record levels of incoming migrants during the last decade. The survey shows that in the last five years more than 2 million people have settled permanently in UK, most of whom come from the former communist countries in Eastern Europe. At the same time most of the UK people are not well informed about immigration. Around 56% of the surveyed did not know that quotas exist for almost all types of visas for UK



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