Recent Migration Changes into the UK might lead to Higher Taxes and Slow the Economy


Recent economic research showed that 85 per cent of British society, mainly economists and academics agree that migration in the UK will increase the economy in the next decade.

At the same time, the government has recently approved measures that made it significantly more difficult to a number of skilled and highly skilled workers, students and family members from outside the EU to migrate to the UK.

According to the official statistics the number of highly educated migrant workers decreased from approx. 340,000 in 2007 to 240,000 in 2013. It seems migration is going to be a serious issue in the build-up to the elections in 2015.

Among the basic benefits of the migration is the increase in the overall number of jobs rather than taking them off the British people. Experts are clear that if the immigration is precisely regulated, it can fulfil specific job vacancies; increase flexibility and improve labour-market conditions as a whole.

This research also showed that reducing immigration into the UK will have a negative impact on the economy and lead to tax rises.


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