Report outlines new strategy for the Canadian Immigration policy

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A new report prepared for the Canadian government recommends that the immigration levels should rise by 6% between the year between 2014 and 2018.

This would take the annual immigration target from about 253,000 at present to 337,000 in 2018. The immigration target figure has been held at 253,000 since 2007.

The report’s aim is to inform the Canadian immigration policy for the next ten years.

Among its most important recommendations is the advice that the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) should be kept at its current level.

FWSP is the main immigration program which Canada uses in order to attract foreign skilled workers.

It uses points grid in order to measure applicants and all people, who apply must earn a minimum amount of points to qualify for a visa.

Points could be earned based on a variety of different criteria such as age, qualifications, works experience, ability to speak and write in English and French etc.

The program is currently closed for people who do not already have a job offer from a Canadian company. It is expected that the program will reopen again in 2013.

Furthermore, the report states that Canada should implement Expression of Interest system similar to that of Australia, which the Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney is known to favour.

If such a system is implemented all people that want to immigrate to Canada will need to register their details at a government website.

Canadian business and provincial governments will then search for people who are suitable and will invite them to an interview.

The report says that a ‘greater reliance on employment offers’ would not necessarily increase the levels of economic success and integration among first-generation immigrants.

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