Restrictive visa policies might be increasing the unemployment in USA

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The economy of the United States struggles with prolonged unemployment caused by the global financial crisis. The US immigration authorities use restrictive US visa policies, in order to protect local citizens by forcing foreigners out of the country.

The present Green Card law, for example, limits any country from being given more than the 7% of the total green cards issued in a given year. Some experts, however, think that such kind of restrictive policies may have the opposite effect; they may actually contribute to the increase of unemployment in the USA.

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, around 720 000 foreign students are currently studying in American universities. As a result of the stricter US visa rules, a large number of these students are forced to leave the country after their graduation, taking their skill and talents with them. This is the so-called “reverse brain drain”.

It is very hotly discussed topic in the USA given the fact that a lot of the most successful global entrepreneurs come from outside the country. Research published by The National Foundation for American Policy found that one-half of the top 50 US companies have at least one immigrant founder.

That is why the proponents of a more flexible US visa policies, believe that limiting the working opportunities that the foreign graduates have is depriving the United States of a lot of entrepreneurial talent, which on its turn decreases the number of jobs available in the country.

The H1-B visa, for example, is designed for attracting skilled immigrants who want to work for engineering and technology companies. Its supporters claim that the visa helps the USA to overcome the shortage of engineering professionals. The idea of the liberalization of immigration rules is however not without its critics.

They point out that skills shortage is a myth and that the USA should not give foreigners access to its labour market.

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