Romanian Ambassador dissmess UK fears of excessive immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

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The Romanian Ambassador to UK Ion Jinga has dismissed the fears of the UK Government that the country will be drowned in immigration after the restricted access of Bulgarian and Romanian citizens to the UK labour market is removed at the end of 2013.

He responded to the claims made by anti-immigration pressure group MigrationWatch that around 250 000 immigrants will come to the UK from Bulgaria and Romania in the next five years and will tale the houses and the jobs of the local citizens.

According to him, such allegations are totally unfounded. Furthermore, he classified as a “joke” the headlines that appeared on some prominent British tabloids that “Now 29m Bulgarians and Romanians can soon move to Britain.”

This number even exceeds the total population of both countries which is estimated to be around 26 million (Romania – 19 million and Bulgaria 7 million).

According to him the inbound migration from these two countries will be in the low tens of thousands possibly even as low as 10 000 per year.

In any case, it will be much less than the hundred thousands of Poles that came to the UK. Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, but workers from those two countries were subjected to transitional restrictions, so they are not able to take any jobs in many Western European countries until 2014.

The fears of a ‘tsunami’ of Romanians and Bulgarians arriving in the UK are based on the experience of the UK after the accession of ten new countries to the EU in 2004 when Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Cyprus and several other countries joined the EU.

Most countries such as Germany, France and Spain, but not Britain introduced transitional controls for the newcomers.

At that time the UK home office estimated that only 5000 to 13 000 immigrants per year from these countries will settle in the UK.

Now it is estimated that there are more than 1 million immigrants from the countries which were accepted in the EU in 2004.

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