Russia is retains the second largest number of immigrants in the world

According to a recent report of the United Nations, in the current era of highly growing international immigration caused by combining weight of the global economic crisis and the local military conflict in several countries, Russia retains the second largest number of such immigrants after the United States. The ten largest countries in terms of the number of immigrants that they are hosting are he US with 45.8 million, Russia with 11 million, Germany with 9.8 million, Saudi Arabia with 9.1 million, the United Arab Emirates with 7.8 million, the United Kingdom with 7.8 million, France with 7.4 million, Canada with 7.3 million, Australia with 6.5 million, and Spain with 6.5 million. Currently, more than 230 million people are living abroad, this constitutes around 3,3% of the total world population.

The new data together with the accompanying statement was released in anticipation of a High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, which will take place in October and whose aim is to discuss different options, how to make immigration more beneficial for both the immigrants and the host countries

Immigrants that live in Russia are subjected to a large scale of police and legal checks in Moscow and other Russian regions after an incident that happened on 27 July at an open-air market in Moscow that left a police officer with a broken skull. The people that work on Russian open and closed markets often include a large number of immigrants that come from central Asia.

The Russian news agency Ria Novosti reported that Russia is very dependent on immigration labour, but at the same time, there is a general negative sentiment in the local population about the increasing levels of immigration. Currently, more than 3 million illegal immigrants live in the country. During one 24-hour period in August, for instance, Russia’s Interior Ministry conducted more than 1,700 raids, registering approximately 1,000 immigration law violations as a result.


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