Shake it Up: 4 Things to Make the Most of Your Los Angeles Vacation

Sunshine and shining stars are just two of the things that Los Angeles offers. But this city has so many more experiences waiting for visitors, from the natural and serene to the slightly kooky. Here are four things to do in Los Angeles that maybe you had not thought about.

See a Concert

Walt Disney Concert Hall

As much fun as head-banging, celebrity-featuring concerts are, you might consider doing something different by spending an evening at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic often performs there, so you can catch a concert that is both classy and classical.

If that is not your style, it will still be worth your time to stop by the concert hall and take the free audio tour.

It will take you through the inside and the outside of the building.

Even though the tour does not get you access to the concert auditorium, it will still give you insight into this unique and outstanding feature of downtown Los Angeles.

Once you finish at the concert hall, you can traverse the short distance to the Staples Center where you can experience the thrill that comes along with having Los Angeles Lakers tickets.

See Thai Elvis

Nightly, starting at 7:30 pm, the Palms Thai Restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard comes to life when their award-winning Elvis impersonator starts to sing.

A blogger on says, “…Thai Elvis certainly doesn’t disappoint. His enthusiastic rendition of ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ proved nearly as memorable as the meal itself, and that’s no knock against the food.”

Don’t expect an orderly show free of distractions. The bustle and noise of the restaurant are integral to the experience.

If you are looking to delight your palate with authentic and spicy Thai food, stop at the Palms Thai Restaurant for a fun, quirky dinner out.

Take a Hike

Los Angeles is more than glam and glitz. Griffith Park is a super popular spot where you can step away from the craziness of the city and enjoy the richness of Southern California nature.

Going to Griffith Park at night will open up a different perspective on the park and on the city for you. The Sierra Club regularly leads nighttime hikes.

This is one spot that is worth putting on your itinerary for your Los Angeles vacation.

Travel Through Time

If you can’t seem to get your hands on a specially modified DeLorean, Echo Park Time Travel Mart is something of an alternative.

This shop excites the imagination of those with a taste for things outside of present tense.

They sell a variety of whimsical items, including Mammoth Chunks, Ray Guns, and Pastports. The storefront greets visitors with the phrase, “Whenever you are, we’re already then.”

Not only is this shop fun to explore, but it also supports a good cause. It is a front for 826LA, an organization which inspires the minds of youngsters by offering free creative writing classes.

Indeed, Los Angeles brims with attractions, from the traditional to the off-beat and everything in between.

The four suggestions above are just a few of the things that you can do to get the very most out of your Los Angeles vacation.

Image credit: Flickr by fvancini


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