Spice up Your Life

I recently ran into a statement that our habits represent past successes, and thus we form our behaviour and comfort zone based on these successes. The challenge, however, is that everything around us changes, and we shall try something new in order to achieve new successes, and eventually build a new comfort zone.

Getting out of the comfort zone means to do something you haven’t done before, to socialize with different people, to read, to move, to see new places, to educate yourself.

It simply means to dare to live. If you have the slightest urge for a change that means you are already halfway out of your zone.

Most people, however, do not know where to start. If you have that urge, just give in to it – the best way to get out of your shell is to travel. But if you want a real shake-up, go backpacking. For someone who has never done anything like that before, backpacking really is a life-changer.

The experienced backpacker is never fully prepared for this adventure either – and that’s the beauty of it.

So, if you really want to spice up your life, put the backpack on and surprise yourself with a little adventure.

Backpacking will take your senses to completely new horizons. As a backpacker you will visit destinations and experience them to the roots; You will blend in with the locals, dine and have fun with them. Then you will exchange travel tips and experiences, and you may even join someone else to travel with.

You may not know where you are going to sleep next; You may not shower for days, and you may find yourself sleeping on a bench in Paris, and your heavy backpack will probably hurt your back a lot. All this may lead to great discomfort, but the funny thing is – when all this is over, you will want more.

If you travel for longer, you may have to find a temporary job. Fruit picking in the Outbacks in Australia, for example, may sound absurd to you, but once on the grind, you will not only do it, but you will find the fun side of it. And that lesson is for good – to learn to find the fun side of life.

Actually, as backpacking is growing in popularity, special visas have been designed depending on the needs of the traveller. Whether it’s a Working Holiday Visa or a Tourist Visa, you got your ticket to an adventure of a lifetime.

Going back to forming your comfort zone based on past successes – imagine how many obstacles you will cope with while on the road and thus, how many successes you will have. Simply put, getting out of your comfort zone will actually expand it, and will make you feel more confident in yourself.


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