Stay in Melbourne for Free

Yup, you got that right—you can stay for up to four nights for free in a hotel room in Melbourne between June 1 and August 31—as long as you are a social networker.

“Melbourne’s booking agents are looking for people with a keen interest in a creative field (not necessarily their job) and strong social networking connections,” according to

The online tourism guide Lost and Found offers the accommodation at the top of Little Collins Street. The room is furnished with products chosen specifically for their quality and to present Melbourne as the “city of creative people producing interesting things.”

Guests can enjoy the free night at that room which is like a gallery showcasing artistic solutions from different designers and artists—from pillowcases to lamps and lotions for the bathroom.

“Part publication, part hotel room, part cultural therapist, part gallery and
part guide” is how Lost and Found greets the visitors at their website

In addition to the rather unusual offer, visitors will also have a private concierge who will make the bookings and will provide tips and information about exploring Melbourne.

“Your concierge also writes copy for the Lost & Found publication so you can expect them to be very well informed,” Lost and Found said.

Social networkers are the targeted guests because “social networking and digital media are now mainstream channels of communication,” Tourism Victoria’s Ali Garner, said.

“These mediums are changing the way people travel, putting the consumer in control with the ability to create and share their own travel content.”

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