Tattoo tourism

There is a connection between tourism and art. Many travelers visit galleries and art museums, where they can find the art history of many previous generations. However if you want something really unusual and avant-garde you should try to immerse yourself in the tattoo culture of your travel destination.

Tattoos are very old type of art. There are thought to have more than 5000 years of history. A lot of popular travel destinations are famous for their tattoo traditions and ritualistic use of tattoos. Some of them are Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, Thailand and Samoa. Going to see the local tattoo shops and studios can be as much interesting and enriching experience as visiting local art gallery and museum. Another trend in tatoo tourism is that many people travel in order to visit a specific tattoo conference, where they can meet internationally-renowned artists and get their tattoo from him/her. This can make sense regardless of whether you want to have tattoo for cultural, traditional and fashion-related reasons.

A lot of famous criminal, renegades and travelers have had their skins inked. Bonnie and Clyde for example were tattoed by one of the most famous old-school artists Bert Grimm. Nobody knows where exactly this happened, but Bert Grimm World Famous Tattoo was the oldest continually operated tattoo parlour in the continental US. This place can be and interesting stop if you are on a travel through the Pacific Northwest. In addition to that you can also visit Seaside Oregon the place where Grimm was buried. His most famous tattoo shop could also be a potential destination for any tattoo lover. It is situated an amusement park called Nu Pike in Long Beach, California.

Other choice that exists for Tattoo tourists in USA is – Skin & Bones: Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor is a popular exhibition hosted in Seaport Museum, Philadelphia. It shows the history of tattoos and their migration from east to west which happened mainly due to international commerce and trade.


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