The cheapest and healthy eating while traveling

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Travelling could be interesting and fascinating for tourists unless they start complaining about the high prices offered to the majority of them.

Of course, as a tourist, you don’t need to spend money on food where prices can significantly vary and exceed your expectations.

This article is aimed to share with you some tips that probably will change your attitude towards this issue. In order to save money on your food while travelling, you must be creative.

I’ll tell you how. For instance, if you are travelling in a group of some people, you can eat picnic food (in particular for energy which is required for travelling) that is much better for your health. Probably, there will be something found to keep your growling stomach full.

If you are travelling alone, it would be great to find some suburb places where the food can be cheaper.

Actually, if you are planning to travel, there are some tips to be considered:

  • First of all, if you plan to stay at the hotel, make sure to book a room with free breakfasts. Perhaps they will offer you free lunch and dinner at reasonable prices. Keep in mind about “Happy Hours”
  • Secondly, check with your hiring manager the possibility to score a bargain.
  • Remember the golden rule – “junk” food is twice expensive than food made at home or bought in a supermarket. You can simply buy cheese, bread, and fruit. A sandwich is a great snack, by the way. So, check for the availability of the nearest supermarkets in the area you are going to travel to.
  • If you would like to dine at a low cost, Open Table is a great resource to get acquainted with menus offered there.

My Advice

Never buy foods at the airports. The reason is simple: food is being sold at a super expensive cost, while its quality is incredibly poor.
Bring your snacks. It won’t take too much of space in your backpack to put an apple or banana in it.
Ice bucket. As it turned out, an ice bucket is a very convenient box for keeping your snack. However, it doesn’t seem to be convenient to carry out it.
Discounts. No matter where you are. Always ask for all possible discounts that might be given to you as a new visitor. Prices can be always negotiated. In fact, it is always a great pleasure to negotiate with Chinese who can easily cut down prices within several seconds.

Enjoy your trip and save a lot!

About the Author: The author, Paul Smith, is working at Writing makes him absolutely different among others. In addition, Paul enjoys travelling around the world and discovering new things.

Guest post by Paul Smith


This is really a valuable advice. We should take special care of food while travelling.

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