The number of Australian tourist visa applications increase

There has been a surge in the Australian Tourist visa applications recently. Foreign visitors are considering Australia an increasingly popular tourist destination.

According to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, more than six million tourist visa have been issued during the previous year which is a clear sign for the revival of the Australian tourism industry.

During the last years, the Australian economy successfully withstood the world economic downturn led to a high-value Australian dollar, which reduced the attractiveness of Australia as a tourist destination.

However, as much of the world continues its road to economic recovery, many tourists are heading abroad once more, and once more, Australia is proving to be one of the most popular destinations.

As a result of the increased interest, the government agency Tourism Australia and the international airline Emirates Group established new partnership and agreed to spend more than 14 million AUD in various joint marketing activities during the next several years.

The new agreement will help Australian to focus on some of its leading inbound markets such as Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Emirates currently operates 70 flights per week to Australia via its Dubai hub. These include 21 services to Sydney, 21 to Melbourne, 14 to Brisbane and 14 to Perth. This is planned to grow to 84 weekly by early 2013.

The traditional markets for Australian products and services are the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The statistics, however, shows that currently, the main contributors for the growth are visitors from Asia. Chinese tourists accounted for a 15% increase while Taiwan recorded a 14% and Japan 7%.

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