Theresa May will investigate the case of people who were wrongfully sent a message to leave UK

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The UK Home Secretary Theresa May has promised to investigate the cases of people, who have the right to live in the UK, but wrongfully received letters to leave the country by a private company that acted on behalf of the UK Border Agency.

The company that sent the letters is named Capita. It won a government contract to trace 175 000 immigrants that are living illegally in the UK.

The contract is said to be worth 40 million pounds and covers those immigrants, who are refused the right to remain in the UK, but whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

The existence of such migration refusal pool was disclosed last June after an investigation by John Vine, who is an independent inspector of immigration.

According to UKBA, around 40% of those people had not been formally informed that they do not have the right to remain in the UK.

Immigration lawyers, however, claim that some of the people, who received email land SMS messages from Capita include a woman with a valid British passport and a man with a valid visa who had invested £1m in a UK-based business.

Most messages were sent during the Christmas period and the people who were wrongfully told to live the country were extremely distressed and upset.

The standard message of the company reads as follows: “Message from the UK Border Agency: You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have the right to remain”.

Capita claims that it was working with the lists of illegal immigrants that it received from the government. United Kingdom Border Agency later admitted that the reason for the mistake is a problem with its own records.

It advises anyone who was contacted wrongfully to contact the agency so that the database records are updated with the latest information.

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