Top 5 Cities to Live In And Why They Are So Attractive

Which among the world’s diverse cities is best to live in? Ask those around you right now and you’re bound to get lots of different answers.

Not even the most exceptionally well-travelled can know what a city’s like to live in unless we’ve experienced it personally – or someone very close to us has.

Just because that holiday in Venice was so good you were dragged kicking and screaming to the airport, it doesn’t follow that the canal city is the best place in which to raise a family, or get ahead financially, or to retire to.

The folks at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) are constantly keeping tabs on this question of top liveable cities via the ‘Global Liveability Study’. Comparing and ranking 140 cities around the world, the study examines six criteria in order to rate the world’s cities: stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, environment, and culture.

In 2012 after weighing the criteria, the top five cities to live in were named as follows: Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

What’s so attractive about these particular cities?



Famous for its sporting events, laid back vibe, good food and buzzing cultural scene, many Melbournians wouldn’t live anywhere else.

So it was no surprise to them, at least when in 2012, Melbourne topped an official list of the world’s most liveable cities for two years in a row.

Global Liveability Survey researchers regularly keep tabs on multiple factors to keep the list of the world’s most ‘liveable’ cities up to date.

Factors such as the levels of state censorship and risk of war as well as murder rates, access to transport links and the level of healthcare available are all scrutinized.

Survey editor Jon Copestake praised Melbourne’s access to open spaces. Four Australian cities ranked in the top ten cities.

“Australian cities continue to thrive in terms of liveability: Not only do they benefit from the natural advantages of low population density, but they have continued to improve with some high profile infrastructure investments,” said Copestake.

According to Walkers Moving & Storage, a leading Australian moving company, the number of enquiries for international relocations to Australia have been on the rise for quite some time, which reflect the strong attraction of the country.



Austria’s capital city is also attractive due to its medium size and accessibility.

With 1.7 million, it is not large as cities go, although the population density is much higher than in the vast nations of Australia and Canada.

A UNESCO world heritage site, Vienna is known for having little crime, as well as hosting some of the world’s most famous concert halls, opera houses, and cafes.


Vancouver, Canada

EIU’s Global Liveability Study noted ‘mid-sized’ centres in wealthy nations tended to score higher as they easily supported a ‘range of recreational activities’.

With the three cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary taking out third, fourth and fifth on the list of EIU’s most liveable cities, Canada is known for its vast spaces – it is the country with the second-largest land area of any country on the planet.

Laidback and politically stable, Canadians enjoy wonderful easy access to the great outdoors, low crime rates, and a long life expectancy. With a national population of 34 million, Canada has one of the lowest densities of population in the world.

Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary are all examples of the ‘mid-sized’ centres in wealthy nations which EIU said were likely to score higher when it came to overall liveability.

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Tom is a passionate blogger, with a strong interest in real estate and home improvement. For more than 4 years, Tom has contributed numerous articles for various online publications. Besides blogging, Tom is a relocation specialist and a father of two.


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