Top Employers are Trying to Plug the Skills Shortage in Ireland

map of Ireland 

About 50% more work permits were issued to non-nationals in Ireland for the first seven months of 2014. A lot of the work permits were issued in the ICT sector.  

There’s an extremely high demand of experienced IT specialists in the country at the moment because a huge number of these professionals left Ireland during the downturn and there’s a gap in the industry at the moment. If there are no native people with particular ICT skills, the employers are usually looking for such specialists from overseas.

Dublin and Cork were the two destinations where it was usually quite busy. But it was also busy in Limerick and Waterford. More than half of the work permits issued this year were for foreign workers based in Dublin. The second-highest number of permits went to people located in Kildare, followed by Cork, Leitrim, Longford and Carlow.

Indian citizens got one-third of all work permits issued so far, followed by the US citizens.

The overseas workers with the highest rejection rate were from South Africa, where half of all 52 workers who applied for Irish work permit were refused. The other countries with high refusal rates were China, Brazil and Bangladesh.

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