Tourism industry in Egypt is hit by the political uprisings

The luxury hotels near Nile which provide an excellent view over the Cairo skyline are usually full with tourist. During the last several months however they seem to be much emptier than they were in the past. Even the legendary Giza which attracts a lot of visitors who want to see the Sphynx and the Pyramids is now relatively quiet. The reason for this lack of action on the side of the foreign tourists is the recent political upheavals in the middle eastern country which started after the outster of the president Morsi. The revenues of the tourism sector dropped with almost half billion dollars in comparison with the same period during the previous year. It is estimated that the revenue from the tourism industry accounts for around 11% of the GDP of the country. The curfew that was introduced in several parts of the country also did not help the situation to improve. “There is no work at all, we should be operating at 95% occupancy during this season and we haven’t even reached 15%,” said Mohamed Fawaz, an operations manager at Cairo-based One World Tourism Company. Most tourists usually come to Cairo during the summer months, but violent clashes between the supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and the security forces of the country have kept many visitors away during the last summer. The occupancy rate has dropped nearly four times. In the Red Sea area, residents and tourism workers in the popular resort town of Sharm El Sheikh say their high season has also been badly affected. The Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh Resort, usually operating at about 75% occupancy during the summer, has recorded a sharp drop in guests this season to about 30-40%, said Mr. Rouchdy.

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