Travel Junkie Buddies

Not long ago I came across the travel blog, and thought it’d be nice to get in touch with its writers Lori and Ave and maybe share some travelling tips and experience.

Lori was indeed interested in what I had to say, so I wrote a post on why people need to get out of their comfort zones, how backpacking is the perfect life shakeup, and why OZ and NZ are two of the best places to go backpacking.

You can read it here – ‘Need a Life Shakeup – Go Backpacking in OZ and NZ’.

And here’s why I liked the blog – I literally caught myself reading almost every single post from the ‘Curiosities’ category the very first time I ran into the blog.

I also discovered loads of useful information for the keen traveller in the rest of the sections.

And, as I am very passionate about travel myself, I truly find this Web site helpful for anyone who loves the world and can’t stay still for too long.

Hope you’d enjoy it too 🙂


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