Traveling Is Part of My DNA, I Guess

Izabel Garabedyan is a lady whose Holy Bible is the ‘Lonely Planet’ guide, and who is dreaming to visit all countries in the world. She is the kind of person who always sees the positive side in things especially when it’s about travelling.

Izabel is probably one of the very few persons I know who is pursuing the “living now” concept. And she is one of the few who succeed in distancing herself from the material world and appreciating the Earth as a gift to us from Nature.

She just returned from a five-week journey to South America where she visited four countries in a row…

The love for travelling can really be contagious as long as you are open to it and seemingly Izabel has it.

In her case, travelling exists in her life from the moment she was born as her parents were travelling whenever they could.

They taught her that “travelling and getting acquainted with new cultures, people and ideas was much more valuable and important for [her] personal growth than buying shiny stuff.”

She embraced this philosophy and started applying it in any possible way. While in South America, for example, she said she “didn’t put any makeup on and totally forgot about straightening [her] hair!”

And although she forgot about vanity, people were calling her “Shakira” and were happy to get acquainted with her. When asked, “How many countries have you visited in your lifetime,” she couldn’t recall because the number does not matter.

The places, the people, the cultures, the experiences are all in her head and heart, and this is what life is about – really.

I love to travel however I am not even close to Izabel’s soaring heart which is why I asked her the trivial question about her worst and best experiences in South America…

She replied that even crossing a flood at 6 a.m., bare feet in Bolivia, at 4C degrees, was a positive experience.

“[…] Especially when somebody (indigenous Bolivian woman) you do not know and whose face you cannot recall now gives you socks found on the road so that you don’t hurt your bare feet”, she added.

Isn’t such an experience reminding you what ‘humane’ really meant…

Thanks to Izabel, with the next few posts I will attempt to prove to you that travelling is not about good or bad, or how many, or how much. It’s simply about the “now” and the “living”.


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