Travelling in Sydney on a Budget

Travelling in stunning Sydney is a dream for so many people. The majority of people I meet overseas all give me the same answer when I ask “If you could choose anywhere in the world to travel, where would it be?” – Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Ferry

When I proceed to ask these people why they haven’t made it to this magical place down-under, I am given the same answer every time; ‘” It’s just too expensive.” Whilst flight tickets to Australia can definitely be on the expensive side, there are many ways to enjoy this incredible place whilst not blowing the budget. Here are some of my tips:

Where to stay

Thankfully, Sydney is a budget traveller’s heaven when it comes to accommodation. Sure there are luxurious hotels such as The W and The Swiss Grande, but if you’re looking for something a lot more affordable, you can find so many great hostels in convenient areas. Most are renovated and clean, and you have a choice of private or dorm rooms. My personal favourite would have to be Surfside Backpackers Bondi Beach – perfect location and a wonderful, youthful atmosphere.

What to do

Sydney is known to be the most beautiful of the Australian states  (just don’t tell the Melbournians!) The views are breathtaking, and what better way to see it all than from the sea. Ferries leave regularly from Circular Quay and go all along the harbour – you’ll even be able to see the famous Opera House! What will it cost you? Just $5.20 for a return ticket and the wind in your hair! Another must is, of course, Bondi Beach. There is a reason it is one of the most famous beaches in the world – the crystal clear sea and soft white sand bring the Sydney-siders by the masses. Make sure to head down early before it gets too hot, and pack a picnic lunch so you won’t have to break the budget at one of the expensive beach cafes.

Where to eat

Another thing Sydney is famous for is its incredibly tasty food. Being such a multicultural place, you can find any cuisine imaginable. In China Town, you can find some seriously authentic Chinese Food (not the Westernized version!) BBQ King on Goulbourn street has the best Chinese food and the prices are incredibly reasonable. Another great restaurant called “No Name” serves delicious Italian food. The restaurant itself is not fancy at all, but the food is so tasty that it’s always packed. Make sure to call ahead to book a table at this budget-friendly restaurant!

Those are just a few recommendations for travelling in Sydney on a budget – there are millions of other things to see and do, and if you do it cleverly you certainly won’t break the bank. For some other budget, ideas click here. See you all there mates!


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