UK government accused of withholding immigration report

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The UK’s coalition government is accused of hiding immigration report because it suggests that the government has greatly overstated the threats of immigration to the UK. According to BBC the releasing of the reports has been delayed due to the fact that its findings disagree with earlier research prepared for the government which found that 23 Britons are displaced from jobs for every 100 immigrants who come to the UK. The new study, however, says that the UK workers that are “displaced” are less than it was previously thought.

During 2012 the government released research done by the independent Migration Advisory Committee which states that immigrants 23 Britons are displaced from their jobs by 100 immigrant workers. The conclusions of the report were used by the home secretary Theresa May as a justification to take further steps in making the country’s immigration policy more and more restrictive.

Some government agencies, however, doubted the findings of the report. a cross-governmental report was commissioned to pull together as much data as possible on the issue. BBC claims that the report should already have been released but Prime Minister Cameron blocked it because its content is not in line with the current immigration policies of the UK government.

BBC alleges that the displacement figure suggested by the report is much lower than previously expected. This means that the coalition government might have a wrong approach in its immigration policy in which the ruling politicians have invested so much political capital.

UK universities and businesses have complained that the government’s policies have made it harder for them to compete internationally. Universities say that foreign students are choosing to study at universities in Australia, the US and Canada while businesses complain that it has become harder to get visas for skilled workers.

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