UK needs to provide better immigration arrangements for foreign students

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The immigration minister of UK Mark Harper has announced in form of a committee of the House of Lords that Great Britain has failed to provide good arrangements for international students, who graduate in the UK to stay in the country. Currently, international students that graduate in the country are allowed to stay only if they find a job that pays more than 20 000 Pounds in Brutto salary per year. Mr Harper was speaking to the House of Lords Soft Power and the UK’s Influence Committee which was taking questions from figures involved in the UK’s ‘export education sector’.

The Committee was assembled to ‘examine the use of soft power in furthering the United Kingdom’s global influence and interests’. According to Professor Colin Riordan, foreign students choose not to come to the UK due to high fees and complex bureaucracy that is associated with getting tier 4 visas. The main factor, however, he claims is that the post-study Tier 1 visa has been abolished which significantly limits their opportunities for living and working in the UK after their graduation.

He claims that the closure of the post-study track creates a huge disadvantage for the UK in comparison with similar student destinations such as the United States and Australia. Immigration Minister Mark Harper, however, have said that many people make erroneous claims about immigration that are not backed by sufficient data. He said that the total number of student visas had fallen because UK immigration had closed down 700 further education colleges ‘because there had been significant abuse’ of the student visa. The government according to him has done a very good job in cracking this abuse down.

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