UK policy makers discusse banning children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools

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The newspaper Guardian has received a leaked email according to which UK minister consider banning the children of legal immigrants from attending public schools.

According to the plan school officials will have to check the immigration background of both the parents and the children before they get admitted into the school.

According to a study published by Oxford University, currently, there are almost 120 000 children of illegal immigrants attending British school and universities.

According to some British civil servants, banning them from attending school will eliminate one of the “pull factors” that make the UK attractive for illegal aliens.

On the other hand, some ministers were concerned that such a move will breach Article 26 of the UN Convention on Human Rights.

In February 2013 the British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the introduction of new rules that will reduce the access to British social system that many foreigners have especially those that are newcomers, do not have a job and do not pay any taxes.

Mr Cameron said ‘There are many parts of our current arrangements which don’t pass a common-sense test in terms of access to housing, access to the health service and access to justice and other things which should be a right for British citizens but they’re not the right of anyone who just comes here’.

A special group was established that has to look at the so-called “pull factors” and recommend strategies for limiting British Housing Social and Healthcare services for all newcomers.

Consequently, Brian Lightman of the Association of School and College Lecturers told The Guardian that it was not the job of schools to check up on the nationality or immigration status of pupils

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