UK poll finds that most of the British people are worried about immigration, but still welcome newcomers

London, UK

A new poll conducted by the public opinion research company Ipsos Mori finds out that many UK citizens think that immigration may be a source of potential tensions in the future, but nevertheless they welcome new immigrants.

The poll showed that a fairly constant 20% of people saw immigration as a potential source of tension in their local communities. This figure did not seem to depend upon the number of immigrants who live in any community.

In the North East, 19% of people saw immigration as a potential source of tension; Only 5% of the population in the North East was born overseas. In London 20% saw immigration as a potential source of tension; In London, 33% of the population was born outside the UK.

According to the results of the poll, another 30% see immigration as a potential source of tension at a national level.

According to Ipsos Mori, it is a positive sign that many British people were more concerned about immigration at a national level than just about the level of their own community. Nearly 2300 people participated in the survey.

Their age was between 16 and 75 years. Further matters that were examined were their attitudes about the United Kingdom and being British.

It was found that only 25% of the surveyed people thought that it is required to be born in the UK in order to be considered British.

Some of the most important aspects of being British according to the people who participated were the respect for the law, the respect for the free speech and the ability to speak English fluently.

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