UK presses new immgration bill

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The UK Government intends to pass legislation which will give incentives for immigration to people who contribute to the country and will deter those who only want to receive benefits and take advantage of the UK social system.

The proposed new legislation was outlined by Queen Elizabeth on the opening of the State parliament at 8 May this year.

The opening is a yearly event at which the monarch holds a speech in which he/she outlines the policy of the government for the following year.

The immigration bill was one of the most important announcements during the current’s year seven-minute speech.

The speech contained commitments from the government to pass fifteen laws which will deal with matters as diverse as pensions, social care, job creation and immigration.

According to the Queen, the new bill will ensure that the UK will attract those who want to contribute to society and not those who do not.

If accepted the bill will introduce the following new changes: Restrict the access of foreigners to NHS; impose larger fines for companies that employ foreigners without valid work permits; oblige private landlords to check the immigration status of prospective tenants before they rent a property. A failure to do so may result in hefty fines;

According to the opposition, however, the new rules do not seem to tackle important aspects of illegal immigration.

Ed Milliband, who is a leader of the Labour Party stated that the exploration of foreign workers will still remain a problem. No measures to combat illegal immigration are being proposed.

In addition to that, the immigration staff will not have the power to arrest. The bill will not alter the UK’s five tiers points-based immigration system which deals with work and student immigration.

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