UK student visa subject to criminality on massive scale

The UK immigration minister James Brokenshire has announced that the tier 4 student visa system has been targeted by international criminals on a massive scale. According to him, there are 29 000 examples of visa fraud discovered so far.

In addition to that, there are 19 000 suspected fraud cases. Mr Brokenshire said that investigations into other test results are taking place. He said that he expected more cases to be uncovered. He said that there have been several arrests with more likely to follow.

After 2011 all of the tier 4 visa applicants are required to prove their level of English by passing a language test before being eligible to receive their student visa. In addition to that, the applicants must be interviewed by home office adjudicator either face to face or online.

In February 2014 however, undercover BBC journalist showed that the abuse of the student visa system has been commonplace since a lot of years. At one multiple-choice exam, for example, the outer doors of the college were locked before the invigilator read the answers out to the whole room. The 200 question-test, which was designed to take two hours was completed in seven minutes.

Mr Brokenshire said that English language proficiency is just one of the requirements for people, who want to obtain a student visa for the UK. In addition to that applicants must ensure that their academic qualifications are sufficient and they need to visit their course regularly.

Foreign students that visit privately-funded colleges are not allowed to work at all. Nevertheless the at one private college – London School of Business and Finance, there were 219 foreign students who paid tax on earned income in the last year.

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