UK top plumber wants more liberal immigration rules

Charlie Mullins, who is the founder of London’s Pimlico Plumbers said that the reason why there are so many foreign workers in the UK is that there is a lack of specific professionals and tradesmen on the local labour market. According to him the situation with the immigrants is driven purely by supply and demand. Mr Mullins quit school when he was 15 years old. He founded  Pimlico Plumbers in 1979 at 25.

He is Britain’s most famous plumber and is said to be worth around 50 million pounds. Writing on the website, Mr Mullins said that immigration is ‘one of those issues that truly divide the nation’. He said ‘Most British employers love employing British workers. But say there are just 20 British applicants compared to 300 European applicants for 50 job vacancies, it’s pretty obvious who the largest percentage of the jobs will go to’.

According to Mullins, the reason why there is a lack of local talent is the fact that many people prefer to live on benefits rather than working. In addition to that, it is a skill and training issue. Mr Mullins says that there has been a ‘historical prejudice against vocational training’ which has led to a shortage of skilled British tradespeople.

He continued ‘If the UK workforce contained the right levels of skills and motivated workers, migration wouldn’t be an issue. Workers from abroad would, of course, still be welcome to the UK to try and get work, but they would find it far tougher to get jobs up against a better equipped and driven British workforce’.

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