UK university loses its right to give visa for foreign students

The UK Border Agency has removed London Metropolitan University from its list of Highly Trusted Sponsors.

As a result of this, the university can no longer provide Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies to international students.

Such confirmation is needed so that foreign students can receive a UK visa. From now on, London Metropolitan University can not accept non-EU students.

All international students (non-EU) who are currently enrolled in LMU must find a new university or leave the country in 60 days.

It is still unclear how many students will be affected. The BBC and Daily Mail estimate the number of international students in LMU to be around 2000, but according to other sources, it is more than that.

The reasons for the revocation of the Highly Trusted Sponsor status of LMU are due to numerous failures of its international admission system.

For example, the audit from the UK Border Agency found that there are a lot of international students whose level of English is below the established standards.

The consequences for the international students in London Metropolitan will be significant. The university issued a statement in which it promises that it will work together with UKBA, HEFCE (The Higher Education Funding Council for England), the National Union of Students and its own Students’ Union in order to resolve the complications that have arisen as a result of the recent UK Border Agency decision.

According to Liam Burns, president of The National Union of Students, the revocation of the Highly Trusted Sponsor Status of LMU will have disastrous effects on the higher education sector which is a £12.5bn per year export industry for the UK.

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