UK will not impose further immigration controls for Bulgaria and Romania

According to UK Home Secretary Theresa May, it is not possible for the UK to extend the immigration controls for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens after 31 December 2013.

The reason for this is that Great Britain has signed some important treaties with those two countries which do not allow the extension of the transition periods after 2013.

All existing EU countries have the right to place transitional controls for newcomers, but those controls cannot be extended for more than seven years.

Nevertheless, she is considering other methods to limit the inbound migration from these two countries. This will be done by analyzing the so-called “pull factors” – the things that attract people to come in the United Kingdom, then she will try to prevent future immigrants from having access to those advantages.

Furthermore, the UK government will try to deny the free EU movement for those citizens of the Union who do not have jobs in the UK.

According to Theresa May the free movement principle of the European Union was first formulated only as a “free movement of workers”, but then it was extended to all citizens whether they have jobs or not.

This makes a growing number of EU countries worry about the abuse of the free movement. In addition to that, the government will try to prevent some abusive practices such as sham marriage, forged documents etc.

The UK’s Labour Party opposition has said that the controls should be kept in place. Last week, Yvette Cooper MP, the shadow Home Secretary, told Andrew Marr that Labour would support the government if it took action to maintain the controls.

However, Mrs May said that this would not be possible. To do so would be a breach of Britain’s European Union treaty commitments.

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