(Un) Employment ?

The economic downturn, recession, crisis, stagnation, unemployment–we are all tired of hearing those as they bring fear and no desire for a little sweet vacation, or escape, or what have you…

We got some news for you. Winter is coming to its end, and despite the economic situation that’s been ruling along with the cold for a while, we see the sun, the beach and the fun at the end of the tunnel. Let’s take a look at some stats and see why Australia is still the place to be for working holiday for the European adventurous souls.

Unemployment Rates – January 2010

  • Netherlands – 4.2%
  • Australia – 5.3%
  • New Zealand – 7.3%
  • Germany – 7.5%
  • UK – 7.8%
  • Canada – 8.3%
  • US – 9.7%
  • France – 10.1%
  • Ireland – 13.8%
  • Spain – 18.8%

Per stats at epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu, the Netherlands has the lowest unemployment rate from the countries in the EU–4.2%, while the average unemployment per cent in the EU is 9.5%.

Spain has one of the highest rates of 18.8%, followed only by Latvia with 22.9%. Ireland, with its 13.8% unemployment, is not quite promising yet, either.

So far, Australia’s 5.3% is a keeper. Those who want to go there on a working holiday visa and work while having all the fun from being away from home-in another continent-should consider the following:

Overall, the employment increased 400 to 10,971,100. However, “Full-time employment increased 11,400 to 7,659,700 and part-time employment decreased 11,000 to 3,311,400,” according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

As a visitor on a working holiday visa for one year, you are allowed to work practically anything for six months after which you need to change the employer.

If you look at the statistics, you might want to try to find either a full-time or a part-time job–don’t concentrate on the part-time only as you may have a hard time getting one.

The full-time job may give you less time for fun, but on the bright side you will be paid more, and you can still escape from the routine for a while.







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