United Kingdom Border Agency will send advise to London Metropolitan University students

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United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has released new advice that will be directed to students from the London Metropolitan University whose ability to grant student visas to non-EU students was abolished as the UK Border Agency revoked its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status in August last year.

UKBA said that LMU had not taken proper steps in order to ensure that its international students have the necessary level of English in order to study in the UK. Furthermore, the university did not implement the necessary check to see if the admitted foreign students are attending lecture regularly.

On January 4th   the United Kingdom Border Agency issued a statement to all international students at London Metropolitan University, telling them that it will write them shortly to inform them whether they will be able to continue their studies at LMU.

The decision of the UKBA to revoke the Highly Trusted Sponsor Status of LMU meant that more than 2500 international students, who study at LMU must leave the UK. Initially, they were told that they have just 60 days to do that.

LMU has launched legal proceedings against the UKBA. It is asking the court to order the UKBA to reverse its decision. The case will come to court early in 2013. The UKBA has said that it will oppose LMU’s case vigorously.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom Government has launched a campaign to help genuine LMU students to remain in the country and finish their university studies. They will have to do the following

  • Find another course
  • Apply to the university concerned requesting a place
  • Obtain a fresh sponsorship from the new university
  • Apply to the UKBA for a new Tier 4 student visa.

If you are an international student at LMU, you should receive a letter shortly if you have not done so already. If the UKBA accepts that you are enrolled at LMU then you will be entitled to continue your studies there either until the end of the academic year or until the end of your course, whichever is sooner.

If you have applied to another UK academic institution to study there and that institution has agreed to sponsor you for a new Tier 4 student visa, you can apply to the UKBA again for a new Tier 4 visa, if you have not already done so.

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