US green card lottery may meet its end

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In 2013 the closing date for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which is popularly known as the Green Card will close on 2 November. All people that are interested in participating in the lottery must submit their applications by then. It is required that all applications are made online. There are not any associated fees for processing the application documents. Every year 50 000 Green Cards are issued to foreigners who want to work and live in the United States.

The annual Green Card Lottery was first held in 1995. It is open to citizens of countries with historically low levels of immigration to the US and is designed to increase the diversity of the US population. Each year, all applications are entered into a lottery and 50,000 people are selected at random. The winners must send their document to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Even people who have won the lottery may not be eligible to receive a green card if they do not meet certain requirements.

Those include high school education and two years of experience in qualifying occupation in the last five years. In addition to that, all applicants must come from such countries that have low rates of immigration to the United States. Even if you do come from one of these countries you may be able to apply if your spouse was born in another country not on the list or if your parents were born in another country which is not on the list of barred countries.

The Green Program may meet its end during the next year. The president Obama has promised to make immigration reform one of the priorities in his second term. Currently, several bills are designed which if are accepted by Congress will abolish the program. The STEM jobs act for example will make green cards only available for foreigners that are graduates of US universities and hold a degree in STEM area.


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