The Australian Immigration Department releases new video to advice overstayers.

Australian immigration has decided to release a video, which will contain some advice useful for people, who have overstayed their visa and do not know what to do. The video will be available in 14 different languages and will contain useful information that will encourage people not to wait, but to resolve their immigration issues as soon as possible. The video will cover all kind of visas including ETA, eVisitor and Working Holiday Visa.

People, who have not left Australia after their visa had expired are usually not sure of what course of action they should take and may, therefore, be unable to take any action and thus to further worsen their situation. Such people usually rely on community’s and friends’ advice, which in many occasions is misleading, incorrect or ill-informed, making the situation even more confusing.

The video itself contains three stories of people, who have overstayed their visa and for different reasons are unsure what they should do next. Some of them might think that they will be immediately arrested after the government finds out about their status. The advice is simple they should contact the immigration service and in order to clear their situation. In most cases, the overstayers will be granted a bridging visa in order to sort themselves out. In case they are eligible, they may be issued other appropriate visa as well.

The Australian department of immigration and Citizenship has Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS), which is able to provide advice to people whose immigration issues are more complicated and less straightforward.

The service includes giving information about a person’s immigration status so that he/she can make more informed choices about what to do next. Throughout the years 2010-2012 CSRS have resolved the problems of 11000 people in Australia.

This not only saves people a lot of worrying but also provides more time for the Immigration department’s compliance team, who can focus on workers and employers, who willfully trespass the Migration act.


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